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Private Instruction

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Personal Training Can Make You a Better Player!

Training offers personal skill development training for athletes that want to build on their strengths and diminish weaknesses.  If you want to improve and elevate your play to the next level, then personal training is for you. Training is an effective means for a player to improve.

DeAveiro Hoop Skills helps players improve their game through private & small group training sessions. Instructors work closely with each player to develop and implement training programs that provide measureable results.

Personal training is for boys and girls ages 10 and up who want to improve their basketball game and who have the desire to go to the next level of skill development.

The basics of basketball are introduced in a structured learning environment where the player does not feel the pressure of performance.

  • Coaches tailor drills and techniques to suit the individual’s goals and ability
  • Each workout consists of progressive skill challenges and builds upon a players current skill level 
  • Workouts are intense and designed to push you hard to improve your skill level, develop confidence and consistency

Individual Personal Training (One-on-One or Two Players)

DeAveiro Hoop Skills training is in a personal setting that provides maximum teaching and attention to details, with training designed to improve a specific skill. During each workout session the goal is to improve fundamental basketball skills, working one-on-one with an experienced instructor.

We evaluate the player's skill level and set goals you want to acheive as a player.  Each individual has different goals and needs so training is designed to improve your basketball ability and take your game to the next skill level.

Each player receives instructions that focus on specific skills the player is looking to improve. The training sessions focus on identifying strengths and weaknesses, developing strategies and drills and developing proper training habits. 

Our training is tailored to the skill level of each player and is based on individual abilities. Lessons will help improve  individal skills including shooting, passing and ball handling, decision making and overall basketball skill development.

Hourly Rates: Individual or 2 players

1 session at $65.00 per person (+hst)
4 sessions at $240.00 per person (+hst)


Small Group Lessons (3-4 Players)

Small group training effectively improves players' skills and decision making when competing against other players and is an extremely effective way to improve basketball skills.  Group training enables players to work hard and pushes each other to improve their basketball skills under the training of an experienced instructor.

Group training sessions work on fundamentals and provides a learning opportunity with a chance to compete against another player, which is required for all group participants to improve their skills and decision making. Each player receives maximum benefit during the workouts and will focus on each player’s unique performance goals.

Hourly Rates: Small Group Lessons

1 session at $50.00 per person (+hst)
4 sessions at $200.00 per person (+hst)

For private instruction, contact Dave DeAveiro at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Latest Testimonials

“I saw a great improvement in my son’s self esteem. The sessions are more than just learning about basketball.”


“My daughter loved every minute. The coaches make every participant feel special no matter what their skill level or ability.”
~C. MacNeil


“My two children, Parker and Michaela, had a great time at your summer camp and skill session and made lots of new friends.  They have improved their fitness level, basketball skills and confidence. I couldn’t have expected more from one of Canada’s best known and skilled coaches.”
D. Adams


The development during the camp and the amount of individual time given was above and beyond.  The instuctors were professional, supportive, motivating and inspirational. DeAveiro Hoops Skills know what they're doing."
~S. Green

Coaches Testimonials

"Your programs offer an extraordinary combination of basketball and life skills that create a great atmosphere for learning, improving skills, competing and having fun."

-Coach Hannah


“I believe our basketball instruction is simply the best. We have a very well organized and disciplined group of camp instructors. That’s why several players always come back each summer.  I have seen incredible improvement from all our players who attend!”
-Coach Carlos Brown

Basketball Camps

DeAveiro Hoop Skills camps are intended for young basketball players who are dedicated and serious about bringing their game to the next level. Camp instructors are committed to offering an environment where fun, learning and competition go hand-in-hand in developing a successful basketball player.

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Skill Development

Better basketball players are developed through their training and dedication to refining their individual basketball skills and athletic ability, whether it’s during the season and off-season. An important part for your individual development – to improving your game!

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