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DeAveiro Hoop Skills provides opportunities for basketball players with year round basketball and skills development programs to enhance the level of play for young athletes. Through these programs we meet the needs of every athlete from ages 8 to 16 - from beginner to advanced - by offering specialized programming that caters to their age and ability.

“At DeAveiro Hoop Skills, it is our goal to make the experience of our athletes as rewarding and productive as possible – regardless of their individual skill level.”

Under the direction of Coach Dave DeAveiro, programs are designed to assist athletes in developing basketball skills, building confidence and demonstrating good sportsmanship in a positive environment that promotes learning and growth.

Young athletes are provided with opportunities to develop as players by participating in FUNdamental basketball skills, strength training and conditioning, basketball camps and clinics.


Our focus is to inspire individuals to become better athletes, while providing a safe and fun environment.

Moreover, DeAveiro Hoop Skills is committed to developing and fostering long-term relationships between young athletes and within their communities. Our programs support community-based recreational groups, schools and other organizations in an effort to build a talent pool of basketball players and establish a greater awareness of youth basketball in the Ottawa area.


DeAveiro Hoop Skills goal is to give young athletes with the best opportunities to maximize their potential through the fundamental skills and training necessary to excel in the sport while enhancing their physical capabilities to perform these skills. Through hard work, discipline and commitment, each athlete will realize their potential to succeed.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver exceptional basketball instruction for each player, to maximize their abilities in all aspects of the game of basketball while encouraging growth in the spirit of teamwork, sportsmanship, good health, fun and a greater understanding of the game of basketball to succeed on the court and in life.

Our aim is to:

  • Promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle through sports
  • Empower success among youth through sports
  • Teach life-skills through sports
  • Strengthen communities through sports

Latest Testimonials

“I saw a great improvement in my son’s self esteem. The sessions are more than just learning about basketball.”


“My daughter loved every minute. The coaches make every participant feel special no matter what their skill level or ability.”
~C. MacNeil


“My two children, Parker and Michaela, had a great time at your summer camp and skill session and made lots of new friends.  They have improved their fitness level, basketball skills and confidence. I couldn’t have expected more from one of Canada’s best known and skilled coaches.”
D. Adams


The development during the camp and the amount of individual time given was above and beyond.  The instuctors were professional, supportive, motivating and inspirational. DeAveiro Hoops Skills know what they're doing."
~S. Green

Basketball Camps

DeAveiro Hoop Skills camps are intended for young basketball players who are dedicated and serious about bringing their game to the next level. Camp instructors are committed to offering an environment where fun, learning and competition go hand-in-hand in developing a successful basketball player.

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Skill Development

Better basketball players are developed through their training and dedication to refining their individual basketball skills and athletic ability, whether it’s during the season and off-season. An important part for your individual development – to improving your game!

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